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I am a native Washingtonian and glass artist in Washington, DC. I graduated with a degree in art education from the University of South Carolina, but having additional interests I pursued a professional career in the federal government. I applied my artistic skills to my work whenever possible, and even managed to put together an art show for my agency.

I have always loved the arts. I owe a major portion of my creative passion to my ancestors: my great grandfather, two great uncles and one aunt were all professional artists. My love for art was also influenced by growing up in an area rich with culture - the National Art Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, Corcoran, architecture of local government buildings, homes and parks. And just being in the city itself! So much to take advantage of and soak in!

An introductory weekend into the world of glass ignited my passion for this medium, and began a transformation opening a wide range of creative possibilities. Glass can be sliced, diced, and baked; painted and etched; portrayed flat or three-dimensional. Glass for me is a dichotomy of fragility and strength that offers endless possibilities for creating. I particularly like to juxtapose opposites in my work. My glass art continues to evolve - I may play a single instrument in my work, or continue to play with the symphony. As I and my work transform, the end result remains to be seen.

Betsy's résumé


Recent Shows & Exhibitions

40th Annual Art Show 2015
Woman's Club of Chevy Chase

The Color Pink 2015
The Del Ray Artisans Gallery

Alexandria Art Market 2014
The Del Ray Artisans
, Alexandria, VA

Allude 2012
Group exhibit, Weisser Gallery, Kensigton, MD

Arts Afire 2011
NCAGG juried show, Arts Afire Gallery, Alexandria, VA




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